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Top 5 Seed to Sale Cannabis Software in 2023 - FloEnvy


Best Seed to Sale Software in 2023

Operating a cannabis business is no easy feat. With changing regulations and tight compliance requirements, it's more important than ever that licensed businesses are using comprehensive software solutions to streamline their operations to improve their bottom line. But how do you choose the right seed-to-sale software? Let’s start by breaking down the basics of what seed-to-sale software is and why it’s so important for cannabis businesses.

What is seed to sale software?

Seed-to-sale software is a digital tracking solution that not only helps you keep track of your inventory but also manages other important areas like finances, compliance, and task management. Lots of seed to sale software offers features to help with regulatory compliance, but the best solutions include tools for managing the entire operation and capturing data from cultivation through distribution. Having everything documented in one place makes it easier for businesses to stay compliant and profitable.

Do you need seed to sale software?

Seed to sale software offers cannabis companies a wide range of benefits: compliance reporting, inventory management, plant lifecycle tracking, hardware integrations, and more for all units of the business. Additionally, since so much of what goes on in a cannabis operation is tracked manually (or worse yet – not tracked at all), having a comprehensive seed to sale platform can make sure nothing falls through the cracks which could lead to costly fines, penalties, or revoked licenses.

What features make a great seed-to-sale solution?

The best seed to sale system will include features such as:

  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Compliance reporting
  • Employee and task management
  • Hardware integrations
  • Inventory tracking
  • Invoicing and purchase order management
  • On-demand SOPs
  • Real-time data and reporting
  • Secure authentication and user permissions
  • User-friendly interface

What is the best cannabis seed to sale software?


FloEnvy is a powerful platform that acts as the central nervous system of cannabis businesses. Easy to use and designed to help manage the entire lifecycle from cannabis cultivation to the sales process, FloEnvy is the #1 choice for operators looking to improve their businesses and simplify their systems.  FloEnvy's cloud-based application can be used to manage day-to-day operations locally or remotely, and only takes days to deploy and learn, unlike other seed to sale systems or ERP solutions.


  • The only easy-to-use platform that handles cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution in one system
  • Supports Metrc in 18 US states, Health Canada, and GMP Compliance
  • The FloEnvy SmartGrid makes gives you a birds-eye view of your farm to make working with your farm 80% faster
  • Perfect for small, medium, or large-scale operations
  • The only platform to integrate Metrc, LeafLink, and QuickBooks into a single workflow
  • Affordable $99 base price


  • Does not come with SOPs (must be purchased as an add-on)
  • Base price does not include integrations or add-ons


Cultivera is a vertically integrated platform with business management features and automated workflows. Supply chain management is streamlined with with the all-in-one system.


  • Has native point of sale features
  • Offers three software solutions for different needs
  • Available in most US states where cannabis is legal


  • Not many options for businesses focused on one part of the supply chain
  • No international offering or support


Distru is a seed to sale system purpose-built for manufacturers and distributors. Its native CRM and inventory management features are great for keeping sales operations compliant.


  • Powerful CRM is great for streamlining prospect, customer, and supplier data
  • Inventory information syncs directly to Metrc


  • Limited list of software integrations and no hardware integrations
  • Less focus on cultivation


Nugisitics seed to sale platform offers features for cultivators and manufacturers looking to track plant and inventory details. Built-in compliance tools help save time by integrating with state tracking systems.


  • Supports cultivation and manufacturing
  • Integrates with Metrc and Biotrack
  • Simple pricing


  • No hardware integrations
  • Stark user interface


Roshi is a seed to sale solution designed for cultivators, processors, manufacturers and distributors. It's automated inventory management and product insights help operators simplify their business.


  • Quick onboarding times
  • Simple UI
  • Full supply chain support


  • Metrc support only in California and Oklahoma
  • Mobile focused platform

Which seed to sale system is right for your cannabis business?

With so many software solutions available in the cannabis industry, choosing the right one for your business can be overwhelming. To help make this decision easier, here are a few tips on what to look out for when selecting a software system for your operation:

  1. Investigate online for user reviews and feedback. Not only will it give you an idea of which options are best suited for your needs, but it may also introduce new features that could potentially be beneficial to your business.
  2. Review website and social media accounts to ensure messaging is consistent.
  3. Pay attention to the speed of communication and note how knowledgeable the rep is who handles your initial meetings. Many times this can give an idea of the companies standards and how the rest of their team operates.

If you want to try the seed-to-sale software leading the industry, schedule a call with FloEnvy today.

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