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Go beyond seed to sale.
From cannabis cultivation to distribution, FloEnvy simplifies your operation into a single platform.

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Trusted to manage over 5 million square feet across 4 countries.

Simple. Cannabis. Software.

  • Increase communication
  • Automate processes
  • Streamline compliance
  • Sell product faster

Unlock data for powerful results.

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Build your workflow,
FloEnvy takes care of the rest. Fully customizable templates and SOP's out-of-the-box.

Compliance Simplified

Easily create plantings, log harvest weights, and create packages with fewer steps and less time.

Sales & Inventory

Tired of spreadsheets?
Track and fulfill sales orders in real time with QuickBooks and LeafLink.

Smart Dashboard

Our dashboard helps you make smarter decisions with machine learning predictions.

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Breeze through harvests

Compliance slowing you down? Let FloEnvy do the heavy lifting.

Submit harvest weights at once with automatic waste calculation - all in a single step.

FloEnvy is a METRC certified partner in 14 states - sync all of your licenses into one dashboard for faster compliance.

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Simplify logistics

FloEnvy sorts packages automatically, from source to destination, so you don't have to.

Instantly transfer dozens of packages at once across all your facilities and customers.

Track the status of transfers with access to manifests in real time.

Save hours every week by cutting down on logistics overhead.

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Sell Inventory Faster

Upload photos and prices for a live catalogue in the palm of your hands using the FloEnvy Sales App.

Track incoming orders using the Sales Dashboard for immediate packaging, transfer, and invoicing.

FloEnvy integrates directly with LeafLink and QuickBooks for a fully connected sales process.

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Industry Standard Labor Analysis

FloEnvy allows you to track the human element missing in other seed-to-sale systems.

Understand and visualize each task’s ROI with insights personalized to each member of your cannabis cultivation team.

Uncover the data behind every action, ensuring a consistent production process and keeping the integrity of your license safe.

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Make Smarter Decisions.

FloEnvy identifies your top strains with predictive score cards powered by machine learning. 

FloEnvy remembers your cultivation's full history to help you plan future cycles.

Store all of your data in one system to make the best decision on your next grow.

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All your data in one place.

Stay compliant without the hassle - certified in 14 states
Create invoices and track costs
Upload products for wholesale data
Environmental integrations available

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Bring your data together.

  • Stay compliant while reducing Metrc busy-work
  • Fulfill sales orders directly from LeafLink
  • Invoice and track accounts with QuickBooks
  • Sync and control environmental systems
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Consistently rated the top cultivation software.

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“FloEnvy saves us as much time as a full-time employee."

Alex T, Chief Operating Officer

Trusted by industry veterans.

“Seen all the options. I recommend FloEnvy to my clients."

Jordan S, Commercial Cultivation Advisor

“FloEnvy is great! I love that is saves us so many hours a week with our scheduling needs. And they work hard with Metrc so I don't have to!"

Shadow M, Inventory Manager

"The FloEnvy team is working hard to accommodate any and all farm needs. Thanks FloEnvy!"

Adam R, Agronomist
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