Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our seed-to-sale software? Here are a few answers to get you started.

Q: How do I sign up for FloEnvy?

For Essentials and Essentials+, head to our pricing page and click "Grow Now."
If you'd like information regarding Enterprise, please fill out a Contact form.

Q: Which FloEnvy tier should I choose?

Essentials is perfect for start-up operations or anyone whose main focus is plant & cultivation management.
Essentials+ gives you the power to manage cultivation, employees, and so much more! Perfect for MSOs, international growers, or operations looking to scale.
Enterprise unlocks the full power FloEnvy and includes consulting hours. Best for very large or complex operations.

Q: Does FloEnvy help with compliance?

Yes! Our platform integrates directly with Metrc and generates all the information you need for Health Canada.

Q: Can I use FloEnvy without Metrc?

Absolutely! FloEnvy enables plant tracking and farm management solutions for customers that are not required to use Metrc.

Q: Is FloEnvy only available in
North America?

No, FloEnvy is used worldwide. FloEnvy can support growers in Australia, Germany,
Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Thailand, and Uruguay.

Q: Does FloEnvy support multiple languages?

Yes, you can toggle languages in the FloEnvy application between English, Spanish, and French.

Q: Do you offer training or support?

We provide onboarding and training resources from the day you complete your purchase! Standard support comes with both Essentials tiers, and can be upgraded to Premium support at any time.