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Best Cannabis Software in 2023


Best Cannabis Software 2023

Running a cannabis business in 2023 can be an intimidating task. With ever-evolving rules and compliance requirements, it is essential that licensed companies use comprehensive software solutions to streamline their activities for improved efficiency and profitability. So how do you pick the best program for your operation? Let's start by understanding what cannabis software is and why it’s so important for success in the cannabis industry.

What is cannabis software?

Cannabis software is a term that covers a wide range of solutions that can solve different problems for operators all throughout the supply chain. Cultivation management solutions can help growers manage plants, employees, and tasks. Inventory management software is commonly used by processors and manufacturers to keep track of materials, customer orders, and products. Point of sale software keeps dispensaries working efficiently by managing orders, inventory, customer profiles, processing payments, and more. Big-box ERP solutions have tried and mostly failed at meeting cannabis business needs due to their long implementation times, complex UX, and expensive price tags. Then there's seed to sale software that can cover multiple parts of the supply chain, while also integrating with solutions like Metrc in the US to help manage compliance.

What makes great cannabis software?

The best cannabis software solutions should be user-friendly and offer an intuitive interface for both front-end users (like customers) and back-end users (like growers or inventory staff). The system should also have features that automate tedious tasks like ordering inventory, tracking sales numbers, meeting compliance requirements, generating reports, and providing key insights using analytics. Additionally, great cannabis systems should integrate with other business systems such as accounting platforms or customer relationship management tools in order to maximize efficiency.

With over half the country now having legalized recreational or medical marijuana, cannabis cultivators, processors, distributors, and retailers are turning to marijuana software companies for systems to help them stay on top of the growing competition, maximize efficiencies, and maintain compliance.

The Cannabis Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and projections estimate that U.S. marijuana retail sales will top $50 billion by 2026. The best way to ensure that your business thrives in this highly competitive market is to have a reliable software system or tech stack. To help make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of cannabis tech companies that offer great solutions to marijuana entrepreneurs and organizations.

For Growers:


For complete smart farm controls, Growlink has it all. This platform provides digital tools to optimize crop performance, diagnose pests, and lend agronomic advice to help growers produce the best crops possible. Build an intelligent farm with nutrient delivery, precision irrigation, a perfect climate, and more with this powerful platform.

For Processors & Manufacturers:


FloEnvy's manufacturing solution for processors provides a complete system to manage operations at one or multiple facilities through a self-serve platform. Users can define custom tasks and workflows in seconds with customizable templates. FloEnvy’s flexible schema means all existing spreadsheets and processes can be captured in a single system.

For Dispensaries:


A point of sale system built for cannabis businesses by providing super accurate inventory tracking, alternate payment methods, and complicated tax calculations to ensure dispensaries run smoothly. Manage customer check-in codes, digital queue management, sales reporting, loyalty programs, inventory, and more with this easy-to-use platform. Parsl also helps automate compliance reporting.

For Wholesalers:


LeafLink's solution is used by brands, distributors, and retailers to optimize ordering, simplify communication, and spend less time on administrative work. Brands can gain exposure to a community of retailers, manage orders and access detailed reports. Retailers can save hours a week by centralizing vendor communications and order info through an e-commerce marketplace.

For Vertically Integrated Businesses:


FloEnvy offers one of the best complete cannabis software systems out there. This powerful platform acts as the central nervous system of cannabis businesses while being easy to use and designed to help manage the entire lifecycle from cultivation to wholesale. FloEnvy's cloud-based application can be used to manage day-to-day operations locally or remotely, and only takes days to deploy and learn, unlike other seed to sale systems or ERP solutions.

Advanced automations help to consolidate data and streamline processes across departments and licensed facility locations, enabling the quick production, transport, and tracking of both cannabis plants and products.

From cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sales, FloEnvy users have processed and sold over 2 million plants using the system to date.

As the cannabis industry continues to expand globally in 2023 and beyond, finding a comprehensive yet user-friendly cannabis software solution has become essential for businesses looking to succeed in this competitive landscape.

To try the seed-to-sale software leading the industry, schedule a call with FloEnvy today.

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