Offline Mode

Worried about your WiFi?

The FloEnvy app continues to capture data without WiFi, storing it locally until connection resumes. It is important to the FloEnvy team that our app is effortless even under spotty network conditions.

Get the data you want, the way you want it.

FloEnvy’s offline mode automatically kicks in when WiFi services are out of range. When offline, FloEnvy’s mobile app automatically stores data to the devices’ internal data storage, relying on the phone’s file system without need for expensive external database capabilities. On-demand internal data storage ensures prompt sync and recovery of data once back online. Each piece of data stored using the internal storage method is private to the app. If the app is uninstalled, the data is removed from the device.

FloEnvy keeps working even when your WiFi decides not to. Get in touch with our FloEnvy specialists today for more information on how FloEnvy can help.