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Manual data entry into Metrc is slow, costly, and was designed with the government in mind - not growers. FloEnvy cannabis cultivation platform eliminates up to 2.5 days of entering seed to sale data per week. Cultivation operations in Missouri are switching to FloEnvy to streamline their farms.

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Cultivation Management Software for the Missouri Cannabis Market

FloEnvy was designed to optimize operation efficiency for growers in Missouri.

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Build your workflow,
FloEnvy takes care of the rest. Fully customizable templates and SOP's out-of-the-box.

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Compliance Simplified

Easily create plantings, log harvest weights, and create packages with fewer steps and less time.

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Sales & Inventory

Tired of spreadsheets?
Track and fulfill sales orders in real time with QuickBooks and LeafLink.

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Smart Dashboard

Our dashboard helps you make smarter decisions with machine learning predictions.

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Missouri Compliance Info

In Missouri, the Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation (SMMR) was created within the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to oversee the Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program (MMRP).

The SMMR’s structure is organized to cover four primary functions: Patient Services, Operations, Facility Licensing, and Facility Compliance. Although the SMMR works in unison to meet overarching goals, each function has definitive goals identified to support the development and success of the MMRP.

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