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Repetitive Metrc data entry wastes time, costs money, and does not provide benefits to growers other than remaining compliant. FloEnvy cultivation management platform saves up to 20 hours per week of entering seed to sale data. Cultivators in Alaska are turning to FloEnvy to optimize their operations.

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Seed to Sale Software for the Alaskan Cannabis Market

FloEnvy’s platform was designed, tested, and optimized for cultivators in Alaska.

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Build your workflow,
FloEnvy takes care of the rest. Fully customizable templates and SOP's out-of-the-box.

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Compliance Simplified

Easily create plantings, log harvest weights, and create packages with fewer steps and less time.

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Sales & Inventory

Tired of spreadsheets?
Track and fulfill sales orders in real time with QuickBooks and LeafLink.

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Smart Dashboard

Our dashboard helps you make smarter decisions with machine learning predictions.

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Alaska Compliance Info

Alaska’s cannabis industry is regulated by the Department of Commerce Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office.

The Marijuana Control Board is established as a regulatory and quasi-judicial agency for the control of the cultivation, manufacture and sale of marijuana in the state.

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