Maintain Quality Standards

Consistency is key in cultivation.

Use FloEnvy to monitor your plants and quickly glance at the app to check their status. Our goal is to enable data collection for every variable key to your success. FloEnvy is an all-in-one tool growers use to stay compliant while improving yields.

FloEnvy makes it easy to keep track of every decision made by your cultivation team. As you schedule, track and complete cycles in our Cycle Manager, each decision is saved to your history for future use. FloEnvy automatically creates a playbook of your most profitable grows by analyzing each cycle’s performance and providing step-by-step instructions so you can reproduce your strongest results.

FloEnvy is your cultivation’s central database. Easily access all your data from past cycles. FloEnvy makes it easy to trace employee labor patterns to variations in strain performance by combining all data sources, starting from the hours you schedule to the data collected by our mobile devices. As you capture each decision on the ground, FloEnvy extracts key performance indicators so you can better analyze labor, cycle, and sales patterns. With FloEnvy, ask any question about your cultivation history with generated reports to keep your cultivation compliant.

If you are ready to learn more about how FloEnvy can help you maintain quality standards at your cannabis cultivation site, get in touch with our FloEnvy specialists today for more information.