Multiple Licenses? No problem.

Let FloEnvy sort the logistics between each of your licenses and your customers’ licenses so you don’t have to.

FloEnvy has world-class logistics tools for in-house sales or wholesale products through our LeafLink integration.

Starting in the Sales App, upload photos to create an up-do-date catalogue in the palm of your hands.

Set prices using any unit compatible with each product. Easily switch between selling in grams to pounds in one menu.

By setting limits on any product, you can place orders without worrying about overselling your inventory.

When you place a sales order in FloEnvy, they can either be packaged or unpackaged. For unpackaged sales orders, any manager with access to the dashboard can create a new package to fulfill each order, with submission to Metrc in a single step.

Once orders are packaged, you can transfer any number of orders to any number of customer facilities, all in one single transfer step. No more switching licenses in Metrc to transfer your packages! FloEnvy reduces your compliance so you can focus on what matters.

If you are ready to learn more about how FloEnvy can help your sales team, get in touch with our FloEnvy specialists today to discuss the options available.