Co-Exist With Existing Software

Centralize your cultivation data through direct integrations.

Upload lab reports and package information to trace labor inputs to business outputs.

Already using seed-to-sale software? No problem! FloEnvy is your central hub for storing all reports and files related to your operation.

FloEnvy creates a dedicated page for every plant batch with built-in file storage. Easily share lab reports with your agronomists or Metrc package reports between inventory managers and if it is downloadable, it can be directly integrated with the FloEnvy system.

Centralize your cultivation so you never have to dig through scattered folders to find the data you need. FloEnvy makes it simple to tag and label files as well, enabling search across thousands of documents to find the one you're looking for.

The FloEnvy system provides tools to trace labor inputs to business outputs and is easily customized to your operation's daily requirements and future goals. Get in touch with our FloEnvy specialists today for more information on how FloEnvy can help.