Data Security

FloEnvy is built with security as the top priority.

Few things are as important as data security as we move into the 2020s. Personnel, business, and other information is incredibly valuable and deserves next-level protection. The FloEnvy backend infrastructure is SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, and DSS compliant. Our data is hosted on the same network as Netflix, Pinterest, Amazon, Airbnb, Slack, and Adobe.

It's important for the FloEnvy team to keep to this promise and ensure that multiple data checks are in place. Data security is no joke when it comes to your business' success. It's essential for our team to provide a safe digital environment for our clients. We will do everything in our power to enforce strict data procedures.

Secure and accelerate your business growth. FloEnvy provides uninterrupted operation, persistent care, flexibility, and peace of mind. That way, management has the time to deliver expert guidance and support needed to dynamically scale your cultivation facility.

If you are ready to learn more about how FloEnvy can help you grow your cannabis business intelligence securely, get in touch with our FloEnvy specialists today.