Cycle Manager

FloEnvy's data collection process revolves around your grow cycles.

Initiate a cycle, add employees to its timeline, and the tasks automatically appear on the FloEnvy Scheduler and Mobile App. All data collected will then be linked to that cycle.

The Cycle view allows you to perform retroactively on each plant batch to compare strain performance across cycle periods.

FloEnvy is tailored specifically to your operation's cycles. The Cycle feature within the FloEnvy Dashboard allows you to initiate a cycle, add tasks to its timeline and assign employees in seconds. Once live, tasks will automatically appear in the FloEnvy Scheduler and Mobile App. All data collected is then linked to a unique Cycle ID, aggregating it all in one place for future analysis and reports.

FloEnvy's Cycle feature also enables you to review and modify each of your operation's plant batches, enabling side-by-side comparisons of each strain completed. If you've grown a specific strain more than once, you can even analyze data on how it has performed across different batches, creating a playbook for your team when planning future cycles.

If you are ready to learn more about how FloEnvy can help you plan each of your cultivation cycles, get in touch with our FloEnvy specialists today to discuss the options available.