Software for licensed cannabis producers in Thailand.

It’s time to say goodbye to outdated seed-to-sale software & paper binders.

Elevated Signals combines digital batch production records, inventory tracking & environmental data into a single customizable platform. This enables LPs to significantly lower costs, stay Health Canada compliant & make better business decisions.

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Key Features In Thailand


Easily complete CTS reporting, track plant growth...

Cannabis ERP

ERPs are too costly for micro & small LPs. Our MES fulfills...


Have confidence that you'll always be ready for a Health Canada audit.

Customer Story From Client

$500,000+ saved on personnel in the first year

Batch release 600% faster than a paper-based system

Streamlined visibility of the entire facility


Batch release 6X faster than a paper-based system


$500,000+ saved in the first year and last for five years


Speed up 175% labour saved on personnel in the first year


$500,000+ saved on personnel in the first year

What our customers say

FloEnvy has a very rich suite of features and the implementation team is very responsive to feedback.

Raufikat O

Business Analyst

Hexo Corp

Raufikat photo

One of the best experience and relation I had in my career with a vendor."

Yves C


YD Consulting

FloEnvy reduces the complexity and administrative cost of managing our coast-to-coast operations.

Alex T


Oregon Cannabis

Alex photo

"Seen all the options. I recommend FloEnvy to my clients."

Jordan S

Commercial Cultivation Advisor


FloEnvy from the start was an amazing company to work with. They were not only professional but would go above and beyond to ensure our requirements were met.

Pharmaceutical Consultant

FloEnvy is great! It saves us so many hours a week with our scheduling needs. And they work hard with Metrc so I don't have to!

Shadow M

Inventory Manager

Southlake Farms

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